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 Banned Players. (By: PWI)

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Banned Players. (By: PWI) Empty
PostSubject: Banned Players. (By: PWI)   Banned Players. (By: PWI) EmptyThu Nov 27, 2008 4:21 pm

As we all know, PWI lately as been banning people without just reason. There has been a few lately: they aren't related to this faction, other than on currently.

All I know, and ask of everyone: DO NOT GLITCH, DO NOT BUY GOLD FROM OUTSIDE SOURCES. Just so you know, if I know you glitch things: willingly, and knowingly. I will remove you from the faction, ban you from vent, and forums. I, along with MANY of the officers: highly frown upon it. So, if you wish to enjoy a nice long stay here: and in PWI in general. PLease don't do it.

The List of PWI - Banned Players:

(we love you man, stay in contact)

Banned Players. (By: PWI) Sssssssssssssss
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Banned Players. (By: PWI)
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